The World's First 'Smart Colognes' Help You Boost Confidence, Focus and Mental Clarity

The World's First 'Smart Colognes' Help You Boost Confidence, Focus and Mental Clarity

The World's First 'Smart Colognes' Help You Boost Confidence, Focus and Mental Clarity

There is a unique mechanism built into every single human being that, when stimulated by a Scent Trigger, acts like an “on switch” for your brain.

Just like how flipping a light switch instantaneously floods brightness into a pitch-black room, this mechanism activates an instant shift in your physical state that floods your mind with confidence, motivation, and focus.

It’s called the “Olfactory System” (a.k.a your sense of smell) and it’s your key to focusing your mind like a laser-beam and cutting through brain fog.

The Weird Science Behind Why Certain Smells Can Hack Your Brain

When you see, hear, touch, or taste something, that sensory information heads to your brain's relay station - the thalamus.
This information is processed and sent to the hippocampus (responsible for memory) and the amygdala (responsible for emotional processing).
But with your sense of smell, it's different.
Scent "hacks" your brain's neurological pathways by bypassing the thalamus entirely.
It skips the line and heads straight to the amygdala and hippocampus, immediately triggering an intense neurological reaction.

What Exactly Is A "Scent Trigger" & How Can You Leverage Them To Supercharge Your Confidence and Concentration?

Scent triggers are specific molecule combinations that stimulate your brain to take action through trained conditioning.

Example, the smell of coffee is a trained scent trigger for most adults. Many of us have been conditioned to feel more awake & happier when we smell the certain molecule combinations associated with roasted coffee beans because we anticipate the taste and caffeine jolt that is delivered within minutes of smelling it.

The amazing part of all this though is that most of the benefits happen BEFORE we drink the coffee (which is why numerous studies show just being in a coffee shop makes coffee drinkers happier!)

Scent triggers come in a variety of forms.

The smell of salty ocean air or suntan lotion may remind you of summer vacation (feelings of excitement & fun).

The smell of chocolate chip cookies or fresh washed laundry can make you feel at home (relaxed & calm).

The smell of citrus, sagebrush, or pine trees can remind you of hiking or a running trail you used to frequent (giving you a boost of energy).

To leverage the power of scent triggers, three things are required.

1) Exposure to a unique pleasant scent that is easily identifiable
2) Consistent exposure to that scent while a specific emotion is felt
3) Awareness of the connection with the intent & ability to harness it.  

To put it simply, the right scent at the right time can increase your alertness, memory, accuracy, and mental focus - all of which can help you achieve your goals.

About The Creator Of The Mission Fragrance Set

Hey, I'm Antonio Centeno.

I’m a former US Marine Officer with a BA in Evolutionary Biology & Philosophy (Cornell College) & MBA (UT Austin), and the founder of Real Men Real Style.

Over the last decade, I’ve helped over 300 million men discover the Science of Style through my articles and videos on Youtube.

A few years ago I became addicted to collecting colognes because I loved the way they make me feel more energized, focused, and attractive.

I soon realized most men don’t understand the power of scent.

In fact, 80% of American men don’t wear fragrance on a regular basis because they don’t see the value.

I created the Mission Fragrance Set to help you discover the power of scent triggers and leverage them to become the man you know yourself to be.

How Will The Mission Fragrance Set Help Your Harness Your Untapped Power?

Our three unique scents - Honor, Courage, and Commitment - have been formulated to help you condition yourself for higher performance at work, at home and everywhere in between.

We teach you how to wear these and what to think as you're putting them on so you can unleash the giant within you.

Each Mission Fragrance Set contains three 50ml EDP fragrances and is presented in a case engraved with the Mission Fragrances Logo and our mission statement.

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"Super excited!

It feels great to be part of something like this..."
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I'm really happy to be a part of this project!"
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What Men's Style Bloggers are saying about Mission Fragrances